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Fantastic Boat Cruise
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Fantastic Boat Cruise Alappuzha

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Kuttanad Village Cruise
Fantastic Boat Cruise
Shikara ശിക്കാര 
Shikara Boat
Village Tour Same narrow canals in Venice of the east  that  is our Special Category

It is Foldable Roof Shikara.  Really fantastic, customers satisfaction Guaranteed. it is open boating for site seeing. it can travel other boating areas, means Vembanadu Lake, Rivers, Canals etc... also it can travel Narrow Canals under small bridges, other boat is bigger, so they cannot travel narrow canals. if you would like to see the Natural Beauty of kuttanadu village, you must travel with us. all most people visit Alappuzha (Alleppey ) for boating, they are going only big areas, and they don't know about the beauty of smallest areas and villages 

An amazing Shikara Tour If  you would like a tour package of Alappuzha, you can contact me directly. then you can save money, without commission 

You know why, the surname of Alappuzha is East of the Venice,     come with us, and we will show you the reality of East of the Venice  

A self Employed venture

it is My Shikara

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